Asociación de Jóvenes Investigadores — AJIHLE

AJIHLE's new logo design combines tradition and innovation

The Asociación de jóvenes investigadores de la lengua española (AJIHLE) has unveiled its new logo design, which successfully merges tradition and innovation. The design team aimed to create a functional and modern image, while respecting the brand’s evolution and identity. By simplifying and updating the original concept, they were able to create a logo that is both progressive and familiar, representing AJIHLE’s commitment to advancing language research while remaining connected to its roots. This new logo is a symbol of AJIHLE’s continued growth and success in the field of language research.

The New Corporate Identity of AJIHLE: A Functional and Respectful Evolution

The renewal of AJIHLE’s corporate identity was a necessary step to keep up with the latest design trends and maintain a modern image. The new design is based on the concept of “square circles”, which represents the intersection of different perspectives and approaches in linguistic research. The typography chosen for the logo, Antonio Font, is clear and legible, allowing the logo to adapt easily to different sizes and formats. The selected colors, 5545c green and 7411 C peach, complement each other perfectly and create a vibrant and fresh palette that conveys the vitality and innovation of the association.

The new corporate identity of AJIHLE is a functional and respectful evolution that conveys the association’s vision and commitment to cutting-edge linguistic research. With a fresh and modern image that respects the tradition and evolution of the brand, the new logo, typography, and color palette represent a necessary step forward in keeping the association up-to-date with the latest design trends and innovations in linguistic research.

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Pantone® Neutral Black C
C86 M76 Y59 K88

Pantone® 7411 C
C13 M44 Y66 K2

Pantone® 5545 C
C73 M38 Y64 K23

— AJIHLE breaks the mold with circle squares logo design

AJIHLE's new logo design is a departure from traditional logo design elements, featuring a unique concept of "circle squares". The combination of two contrasting shapes creates a dynamic and visually striking logo, symbolizing the association's commitment to innovation and tradition. The use of circles and squares in the design is a clever nod to the linguistics field, where the combination of different elements often leads to new discoveries and breakthroughs. The new logo design is a bold statement of AJIHLE's continued growth and success in the field of language research.

— ANTONIO FONT chosen as the perfect match for AJIHLE's new identity

AJIHLE's new logo design is accompanied by the sleek and modern ANTONIO FONT, which perfectly embodies the association's progressive spirit and dedication to language research. The font's clean lines and contemporary style reflect AJIHLE's commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve in the field of language research. The choice of ANTONIO FONT also underscores AJIHLE's desire to be seen as a modern and forward-thinking association, one that is focused on advancing the study of the Spanish language and supporting young researchers in their work.

— AJIHLE's new color scheme reflects growth and diversity

The new logo design for AJIHLE features a bold color scheme of peach and green, symbolizing growth and diversity within the association and its research community. The use of peach, a warm and inviting color, suggests a sense of inclusivity and welcoming. The green, meanwhile, represents growth and progress, underscoring AJIHLE's commitment to advancing language research and supporting the next generation of researchers. Together, these colors form a dynamic and eye-catching color scheme that reflects AJIHLE's values and vision for the future of language research.