A flavor so striking, needs a brand to match.

Piston Burger’s branding is bold and retro, conveying the message “WILD MEAT, BOLD FLAVOR” with a bold sans-serif font and eye-catching yellow and black colors. Close-up shots of juicy burgers entice the customer to try the bold flavors. The branding appeals to a young and trendy audience.

Pantone® 7416 C
C0 M47 Y59 K9

Pantone® 1235 C
C0 M32 Y92 K0

Pantone® 11-0601
C0 M2 Y6 K0

⸺ Juicy Burgers as the Main Image: Captivating Consumer's Appetite

The main image of Piston Burger's branding is a close-up of juicy burgers that drizzle cheese, making it an irresistible sight for consumers and encouraging them to try the product.

⸺ Bold Yellow and Black Colors: Eye-Catching and Attractive

The combination of yellow and black colors in Piston Burger's branding is designed to stand out and catch the eye, adding to the overall eye-catching and attractive design.

⸺ Sans Serif Typeface in Bold: Conveying the Brand's Bold Flavor

The sans serif typeface in bold used in Piston Burger's branding emphasizes the brand's bold flavor, as reflected in their slogan "WILD MEAT, BOLD FLAVOR.

⸺ Retro Touch Reflects the Brand's Essence

The retro touch in Piston Burger's branding reflects the essence of the brand, making it both wild and bold, while also appealing to a young and current audience.

⸺ Canaro Typeface: Modern and Elegant

The use of the Canaro typeface in Piston Burger's branding adds a modern and elegant touch to the design, while also being easily readable and attractive.

⸺ Quality Commitment Reflected in the Design

The design of Piston Burger's corporate image reflects the brand's commitment to quality in their products, making it an attractive choice for customers looking for bold and delicious flavors.

3D Design: Crafting Piston Burger's Retro Charm

The Piston Burger project uniquely blended vintage and modern aesthetics in its 3D interior modeling. This design choice aimed to encapsulate the dynamic and youthful spirit of the brand while highlighting its bold flavor offerings. The meticulous attention to detail was paramount,

with every element of the decor thoughtfully crafted to create an immersive retro atmosphere. The design process focused on ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for customers, blending nostalgia with contemporary trends to reflect the unique identity of Piston Burger.

Spotlight on Flavor: Product Photography with Style Extended

Piston Burger’s dedication to visual appeal and brand storytelling was further exemplified in their product photography sessions. These sessions were meticulously planned to not only showcase the menu items but to capture the essence of the brand’s character.

The photography aimed to highlight the exceptional quality and unique appeal of the dishes, while staying aligned with the restaurant’s vibrant retro theme. Each photograph was a blend of art and marketing, strategically designed to resonate with the target audience and enhance the overall brand experience.

Consistent Branding Across All Platforms

Strengthening the Brand Image The consistent use of colors, images, and typography across all platforms strengthens Piston Burger's brand image and makes it easily recognizable. The cohesive branding creates a professional and trustworthy image for the brand, making it more appealing to customers looking for a consistent and high-quality experience.

Bold and Eye-catching: Piston Burger's Logo Design

The bold yellow and black colors and bold sans serif typeface in Piston Burger's logo design are eye-catching and make a statement. The design invites consumers to try the brand's delicious burgers. The retro touch adds to the brand's wild essence, while the Canaro typeface adds a modern touch.