Wedding Planning Perfection

Discover the beauty of seamless wedding planning with AREIA. Our custom typography logo and minimalist design embody the emotional value of Brazil and the symbolic tradition of sand ceremonies. Let us help make your special day unforgettable

Pantone® Black
C0 M0 Y0 K100

Pantone® 1555 C
C0 M36 Y45 K0

Pantone® 1785C
C1 M77 Y61 K0

⸺ Unique Identity Naming: Making a Personal Connection - Elevating Our Brand Above the Rest

We've created a naming with its own identity, stemming from something that holds personal meaning. This connects the brand and sets it apart from the generalization that often surrounds it.

⸺ Visibility at Any Scale - A Personal Signature

We've created a specific typography for the occasion that, while not being handwritten, enhances visibility at any scale. We've maintained organic shapes to avoid a cold feel, while avoiding the classic curls and other frills often associated with this sector. Our aim is to create a personal signature, a seal, by combining organic shapes with serifs that link each letter, resulting in unity and ease of reading.

⸺ Flexible Visual Identity - A Decorative Element

We've created a small illustration that can, when required, serve as an isotype. Its use is not mandatory when the logo appears, and vice versa, giving it the flexibility to be used as a seal, stamping, or simply as a decorative element. The illustration has been designed to connect with the shapes of the typography, creating a visually cohesive integration.

⸺ Vibrant Logos - Versatile Color Option

We've aimed for a range of desaturated colors. Our logo will be lively and can be seen in positive, negative, and any color that generates proper contrast between tones. This allows us to have a wide range of similarly saturated colors, when required. The main color tone is PANTONE® 1555 C for flat digital or printed inks.

⸺ Enhancing Physical Format - Metallic Finish

As a complementary use, we've found that copper tones with a metallic finish work well and fit perfectly with the shapes. When appropriate, this option can be considered for physical formats and stationery.

⸺ Adding an Extra Touch - Perfect for Our isotype

In conclusion, our goal is to create a solid proposal that visually stands out from the competition, just as the brand concept itself does. This includes the color palette, the shapes and references of the isotype or seal, and the geometry of the typography, creating a subconscious coherence between elements, even if certain elements are not immediately noticeable without explanation. The stamping technique is always a plus that looks great with our isotype.

The Importance of a Well-Designed Corporate Dossier

A corporate dossier for Areia – Wedding & Events showcases the brand’s unique qualities and value proposition to its target audience. A professional design helps build trust and credibility with customers and can be used as a valuable marketing tool.

Building Customer Trust with a Strong Corporate Image

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

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