Do you know the hidden causes behind workplace inequality?

The gender pay gap continues to be a reality in the 21st century, but do you really know the causes that produce it? Our campaign aims to shed light on those invisible factors that have become normalized in our society and perpetuate this inequality. Join the fight for workplace and salary equality!

A New Design Proposal for the Andalusian Women's Institute

Our graphic design proposal is an innovative change in the way the Andalusian Women’s Institute expresses itself. It integrates and adapts the main graphic design trends to generate a piece that communicates in a completely different way. Our proposal uses only close-up portraits where the body language and expression of the subject become part of the message. The protagonist is superimposed on a subtly graded background that shows the context of each subject. This creates a solid, timeless graphic style that is easily scalable to different media and will connect with all segments of the population.

Overall, our proposal aims to call for change, centered on people, and designed to convey a powerful message. It achieves this through a unique approach that combines strong body language, simple design elements, and subtle contextual cues to create a memorable and impactful graphic style.

Pantone® Reflex Blue C
C100 M97 Y32 K28

Pantone® 7452 C
C63 M55 Y0 K0

— Innovative graphic design: Image as the protagonist of the message

Our graphic design proposal seeks to integrate the main trends in design to generate an innovative and different piece, where the image and message work in synergy to capture the user's attention. Instead of focusing on secondary elements, our design focuses on a close-up portrait, where the expression and body language of the protagonist are the message itself. With a groundbreaking and transgressive design, our proposal seeks to connect with all segments of the population and make the container and content the message itself.

— A call to action for all: Powerful message and relevant context

Our graphic design proposal aims to convey a powerful and relevant message for all users, reflecting their context and reality. We use a subtle gradient background to show the context of each of our protagonists, from an office to a hospital, university, or business. With this approach, we want the image to expand beyond the poster itself and call to action for all those who visualize it.

— Scalable and durable design over time

The graphic line proposed in our design is solid and durable over time, easily scalable to the needs of the medium that contains it. In addition, its groundbreaking and transgressive aesthetic helps to connect with all segments of the population, making the container and content the message itself. Our design proposal seeks to convey a powerful and relevant message for all, with a solid graphic line adaptable to any context.

Creating Powerful Messages with Innovative Imagery

Our innovative approach to graphic design is changing the way messages are conveyed, with powerful imagery taking center stage. By focusing on the protagonist and their expression, we create a message that speaks to everyone, transcending language and culture. Our designs are not just visually striking, they are also contextually relevant, with each character placed in a relatable setting. Whether it’s an office or a hospital, our designs aim to inspire action from every viewer.

We believe that graphic design should not only be visually appealing but also scalable and durable. Our designs are built to withstand the test of time, with a solid visual language that can be easily adapted to any medium or format. By prioritizing the message and the user, we are creating a new standard in graphic design that connects with people on a deeper level. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the industry and inspire change through the power of design.